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Download links and information about Overkill by Motörhead / Motorhead. This album was released in 1979 and it belongs to Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal genres. It contains 29 tracks with total duration of 01:36:46 minutes.

Artist: Motörhead / Motorhead
Release date: 1979
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal
Tracks: 29
Duration: 01:36:46
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No. Title Length
1. Overkill 5:11
2. Stay Clean 2:39
3. (I Won't) Pay Your Price 2:53
4. I'll Be Your Sister 2:50
5. Capricorn 4:07
6. No Class 2:38
7. Damage Case 2:59
8. Tear Ya Down 2:38
9. Metropolis 3:34
10. Limb from Limb 4:55
11. Louie Louie 2:45
12. Louie Louie (Alternative Version) 2:50
13. Louie Louie (Alternative Version 2) 2:42
14. Tear Ya Down 2:39
15. Tear Ya Down (Alternative Version) 2:38
16. Tear Ya Down (Instrumental Version) 2:36
17. Too Late Too Late 3:22
18. Like a Nightmare 4:10
19. Like a Nightmare (Alternative Version) 4:25
20. Louie Louie (BBC John Peel Session 1978) 2:43
21. I'll Be Your Sister (BBC John Peel Session 1978) 3:12
22. Tear Ya Down (BBC John Peel Session 1978) 2:36
23. Stay Clean (BBC In Concert 1979) 3:03
24. No Class (BBC In Concert 1979) 2:43
25. I'll Be Your Sister (BBC In Concert 1979) 3:35
26. Too Late Too Late (BBC In Concert 1979) 3:24
27. (I Won't) Pay Your Price [BBC In Concert 1979] 3:19
28. Capricorn (BBC In Concert 1979) 4:14
29. Limb from Limb (BBC In Concert 1979) 5:26



Motörhead's landmark second album, Overkill, marked a major leap forward for the band, and it remains one of their all-time best, without question. In fact, some fans consider it their single best, topping even Ace of Spaces. It's a ferocious album, for sure, perfectly showcasing Motörhead's trademark style of no holds barred proto-thrash — a kind of punk-inflected heavy metal style that is sloppy and raw yet forceful and in your face. Motörhead, the band's self-titled debut from 1977, had been rush-recorded, and its stripped-down, super-raw sound wasn't all that impressive, at least not relative to what would follow. Overkill is what followed, recorded in December 1978 and January 1979, and released not long thereafter. The band's sound is fully formed here, and it totally explodes right off the bat on the five-minute title track. A number of Motörhead standards follow, among them "Stay Clean" and "No Class." Produced by Jimmy Miller, who had helmed a number of classic Rolling Stones albums (Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main St., Goats Head Soup), Overkill sounds wonderful, especially on the numerous remastered editions of this album. The band's classic lineup — Lemmy (bass and vocals), "Fast" Eddie Clarke (guitar), and "Philthy Animal" Taylor (drums) — is well in place here, and they seem eager to rip loose wildly on every single song. This, in addition to the solid track listing and Miller's production, makes Overkill a perfect Motörhead album. Several great ones would follow, of course, but Overkill was the first of the great ones, and quite possibly the greatest of all. [The various single-disc reissues of Overkill append five bonus tracks: a pair of B-sides ("Too Late, Too Late" and "Like a Nightmare"), an A-side ("Louie, Louie"), and a pair of alternate versions ("Tear Ya Down" and "Louie, Louie").]