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Download links and information about Embryonic by The Flaming Lips. This album was released in 2009 and it belongs to Rock, Alternative, Psychedelic genres. It contains 18 tracks with total duration of 01:10:49 minutes.

Artist: The Flaming Lips
Release date: 2009
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Psychedelic
Tracks: 18
Duration: 01:10:49
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No. Title Length
1. Convinced of the Hex 3:54
2. The Sparrow Looks Up At the Machine 4:10
3. Evil 5:38
4. Aquarius Sabotage 2:10
5. See the Leaves 4:24
6. If 2:04
7. Gemini Syringes 3:41
8. Your Bats 2:34
9. Powerless 6:57
10. The Ego's Last Stand 5:39
11. I Can Be a Frog 2:14
12. Sagittarius Silver Announcement 2:58
13. Worm Mountain 5:21
14. Scorpio Sword 2:01
15. The Impulse 4:06
16. Silver Trembling Hands 3:58
17. Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast 3:44
18. Watching the Planets 5:16



The Flaming Lips like challenges. They like to take noises and found sound, electronically manipulated instrumentation and sonically altered vocals, and find the song after the damage is done. Their film Christmas On Mars included some of the band’s most atmospheric and formless songwriting and it’s from this starting point that Embryonic begins its creation. The album’s title was chosen since Lips leader Wayne Coyne wished to keep the songs and sounds in their earliest stages before too much thinking and development would alter their initial inspirations. The sounds are occasionally abrasive and ugly (“Convinced of the Hex”). Tunes vary in scope, with the deep ‘70s funk of “See the Leaves,” or pop melodies altered for great effect (“Evil”) with flashes of hazy innocence (“If”). Five tunes are abbreviated pieces named from Zodiac signs (“Aquarius Sabotage,” “Gemini Syringes”). “Your Bats,” “Powerless,” “Silver Trembling Hands” near conventional songwriting, but are sonically altered to the point of near obliteration. “Watching the Planets” ends things with a final crunch. And a cosmic concept hides under the tough, spacey pieces of instrumental wreckage.