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Genre: Retro


Retro music genre is one of the different kind of genres that cannot be combined with major categories. If you miss it or you know it but had never listened to it, now is your chance.

Title: Minsk 81

Artist: Tune Crashers

Genre: Retro

Title: Overrun Exe

Artist: Woob

Genre: Ambient, Retro

Title: Renegades

Artist: Wolf And Raven

Genre: Synth Pop, Retro

Title: Strange Depths

Artist: The Powerwalker

Genre: Punk, Retro

Title: Hotline

Artist: URBVN

Genre: Chill Out, Retro

Title: Sector 11


Genre: Retro

Title: Landing

Artist: Astral Tales

Genre: Synth Pop, Retro

Title: Swing Machine

Artist: Benny Brydern

Genre: Electro, Jazz, Retro

Title: Klangworks

Artist: Terminal Danger

Genre: Retro

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